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Andra is an exceptionally giving and inspiring yoga teacher. She shares an amazing part of herself in her classes and she is unequaled in how she explains difficult positions and breaks it down in parts. Her classes change me everyday.” (student The Claremont Club)

I enjoy your classes so much. I appreciate your kindness and commitment to the people in the class. I benefit from your great knowledge and love of yoga.” (student The Claremont Club)

Andra has a beautiful way of guiding us to become more whole. Her routines flow with purpose. It is a pleasure to have her guidance.” (student The Claremont Club)

Andra's yoga classes are truly inspirational. I always have a better day when I go to them.” (student The Claremont Club)

Andra's classes have been nothingshort of life-changing for me. As a new mom and an executive director of a human rights organization, she has helped me create more life/work balance.  I walk out of her class each and every time with a renewed spirit and energy.  On a physical note too, her classes have helped to sculpt my legs and better handle life stressors through proper breathing.  Not only do my clothes fit better, but I feel so much stronger and grounded.  There is just no stopping me after I attend Andra's class.  She is a one-of-a-kind teacher (Kay Buck, Claremont)

When it comes to a yoga practice we each enter the experience with a different expectation.  One may hope to gain  more from the physical asana or perhaps find something through the breath work or hopefully an inspiring moment in meditation.  Andra is able to reach students at our various levels and abilities.  I find Andra to truly take her practice off the mat.  When I have asked her a particular question she is thoughtful and complete in her response.  She is always willing to share resources, information about workshops, and help getting to the next pose.  Grace and poise, with a bit of a playful smile, is Andra the yogini! (Denise Zondervan)

I have been practicing yoga with Andra at The Claremont Club for 2 years and she is simultaneously a calming and inspiring teacher.  My practice has improved under her guidance.  I attribute this to her kind approach, her calmn and soothing voice, and her wisdom.   Her positive teaching style makes the classes very enjoyable and her spiritual nature has given more depth to my practice.  In addition, she is always welcoming and encouraging to students of all abilities.
Because of Andra's encouragement I have gotten my own Yoga Teaching Certificate - not at the same level as Andra's :)
(Janell Lewis, Claremont, CA)

As a member of the Claremont Club, I began taking yoga classes after realizing that a running injury was going to keep me from participating in any aerobic type activities for quite a while. I had been to a couple different yoga classes at different times in my life and thought there were "okay" but certainly didn't feel them fulfilling. This time around, I landed in Andra's class. I couldn't believe how good I felt after that first class. I literally felt taller, energized, and left with a feeling of calmness or peacefulness. Andra is incredibly knowledgeable and sha shares her wisdom in bits and pieces that are always thought provoking. Her voice is very soothing, and her direction is clear and precise while being extremely gentle. She is truly a gift.” (Susan Nee, Claremont, CA)

“Andra is a beautiful, shining soul who infuses everyone with whom she comes in contact with her loving energy. In her yoga classes, she connects heart-to-heart with her students, sharing freely of herself. Her depth of knowledge is amazing, as she studied yoga and its related sciences extensively, far surpassing the depth of study of most yoga teachers in this country. I highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in learning yoga in its truest form from a highly gifted, caring teacher.” (Marisa Laursen, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Shanti Ayurveda, Chino, CA)

“I find my whole being, body, soul, mind, so rejuvenated and peaceful after Andra’s class.  Her cup of tea after class just finishes the experience perfectly.” (Doris Dyt, Chino, CA)

"Andra is one of the gentlest person I have every met.  From the first time I met her, it felt like ahhhh. I was convinced by a client/friend to see her.  Believe it or not, during her massage session with me, I was sure she was getting a referral fee if I were to see Andra.  I was recovering from a longtime injury and was getting disappointed about my lack of flexibility, weight gain, stress of running a business and no time to exercise.
She told me that I would fall in love with Andra. She was right.
Andra's gentle direction allowed all participants to try challenging poses without getting concern of getting injured.  I love that she gives a little story and insights of how we can fully embrace each session.
A nice plus for me was when during the cool down period and I was totally drifting to la-la-la land, I completely loved and cared for when she put a blanket on me.  Turns out she always brings an extra one or two for the newbees or those who had forgotten theirs.
I've met many yoga teachers.  Andra is not only caring but quite knowledgeable in alternative care and the holistic approach of health and wellness." (Tessie Duffy – Owner, Tessie’s Serenity Spa, Chino, CA)

“I have been practicing yoga for seven years now and I consider it a large part of what defines me.  I am very interested in the philosophy of yoga and have read a great deal about it.  Of all of the instructors I have practiced with, and there have been quite a few, I find her to be the most insightful and intuitive.  She is very empathetic and cares about her students.  I have also found her knowledge of yoga to be very comprehensive.  I believe that she sees the practice of yoga to be her life's vocation and something she loves sharing with her students.” (Craig Beauvais)

“Andra has a very special spirituality that is such a major part of her personality, it naturally finds its way into her teaching.  Additionally, her empathy for others makes her the ideal yoga teacher; she really loves what she does and wants more than anything to share the happiness she finds in yoga with all her students.  There is no one, and I mean NO ONE who can create the relaxing environment during savasana that Andra does; she IS the QUEEN OF SHAVASANA!” (Diane Mellon, Chino Hills, CA)

“Andra's practice is very gentle and nurturing to the soul. She eases you in and out of poses without hesitation. Don't miss her Shavasana” (Jon Luchessi)

“My first experience with yoga in a group setting was a class with Andra.
My husband and I attended with much apprehension, as we knew we were unskilled.
Andra was so kind and explained the basic principles..."breathe"  "just try it this way" in her soft and supporting manner.  This instilled confidence in ourselves and I am happy to report that almost two years later, my husband and I now practice yoga almost every day together and I am even a student studying the sister science of yoga...ayurveda.  All this has changed our lives so much for the better.  We are both healthy and full of stamina, I have lost 37 pounds and my husband 42 pounds.  We have grown spiritually in leaps and bounds and experience so much peace. 
All this began from just 1 hour in a room with this beautiful woman from Romania. “ (Cynthia Pounds, Reiki Master, Chino, CA)

I just wanted to thank you for a great yoga experience this summer.  My husband Greg and I have been practicing yoga casually on and off for the last 9 years. We have had a few teachers in that time that we really connected with but we have been out of practice for about a year without any teacher in our local area to motivate us. We have really enjoyed your calm nature and encouraging teaching style. You have inspired me to make yoga a daily part of my life again.  Even when I can't make it to the club, I am getting back in the habit of doing at least 15 min. of sun salutations each day.   I am an elementary teacher and will be returning to my classroom in the middle of next week, so I will be unable to attend your weekday morning classes at the Club. I hope to come to your Saturday classes as often as possible and I feel confident that I will remain motivated to do my daily sun salutations.  The fact that you noticed a deepening in my practice and mentioned this to me one day after class, was very encouraging to me.  If I can return to yoga after a year off and make enough progress in 3-4 weeks of practicing daily that it is tangible to my teacher and myself, I feel I owe it to myself to keep it up.  After reading the testimonials on your website, I just felt the need to tell you how instrumental you have been in my practice.  You have touched the lives of many.  Thank you for what you do! :)  ” (Melissa Jackson, Claremont, CA)

I did not meet Andra in a yoga class but from the moment I met her I knew she was a special person with a unique and gifted soul.
My background and training is in classical ballet and modern dance. Before meeting Andra my ONLY yoga experience was one class on the east coast about 15 years ago.  I didn't think that yoga was for me.  After meeting her I decided to give yoga another try.
It doesn't matter what level of experience you have, Andra makes you feel comfortable, capable and confident.  You feel eager to go back for more classes.  Andra's gentle voice guides you through each pose as well as the breathing.  Her serene presence and meditative reflection at the end of class offer an uplifting message and mood for you to continue your day.  After her class the level of stress relief (even if you think you are not stressed) and peaceful awareness you achieve is an amazing and restorative experience.  It was an added bonus to what my preconceived notion of what yoga was.  Her class is bringing me back to a peaceful self.
Andra is an amazing and beautiful person.  The love she has for people and her practice, her beautiful smile and light tells me that she has found her calling.
(Jeanne Bergman, Fontana, CA)



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