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 Yoga in Daily Life

Benefits of Yoga Study

The practice of meditation and related disciplines:

    •      Calms the mind and nervous system

    •      Heals psychological trauma

    •      Balances mental and physical energies

    •      Enhances peak experiences

    •      Increases contentment and equanimity in daily life

    •      Leads to the discovery of one’s true nature

    •      Results in freedom from pain

The study of yoga philosophy:

    •      Cultivates, refines, and sharpens our mental faculties

    •      Clears away confusion regarding the obstacles to our growth

    •      Clarifies the various possible routes to spiritual fulfillment

    •      Maps the psychological terrain traversed on the spiritual path

    •      Provides meaning to human existence

    •      Explains the causes of—and solutions to—the problem of suffering

    •      Offers the possibility of radical freedom

The practice of hatha-yoga and related physical disciplines:

    •      Improves, strength, flexibility, and vitality

    •      Refines circulation and reduces stress

    •      Improves digestion and boosts the immune system

    •      Rejuvenates body and mind

REMEMBER: what you do with your mind affects your body; what you do with your body affects your mind.

Meditation: the Inward Path

What completes the practice of Yoga is its internal element, meditation.
More and more people are finding that establishing a regular practice of meditation in their lives helps them to find inner peace and centeredness, to sharpen their concentration and the way they perceive what occurs in their lives. Meditation invites you to enhance your experience of being alive, and it also offers you much more: the possibility to find out your deepest identity and the natural joy that radiates from within your own being.

Simply put, meditation is the key to transformation.


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