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 About Andra

Yoga Teacher, E-RYT500

From early childhood I have been attracted to spirituality, foreign cultures, and art, trying to understand the wonder and richness of the ever-evolving consciousness that life is.

I came in contact with yoga at the age of 16 and studied with great teachers in Romania and abroad. I believe, this gave me a wide understanding of what yoga is about and for me, it became a way of life.

At the Heart of yoga is an invitation to create inner harmony and celebrate life in its fullness. We learn to embrace our bodies as vehicles for refining our awareness and developing the connection with the world and ourselves to the deepest level.

My teaching style integrates a dynamic Hatha yoga practice, Tantric philosophy, and a life-affirmative perspective to encourage a deeper self-awareness, moving beyond perceived limitations. I teach group and private classes, which are suited for all levels, including prenatal yoga.

I feel truly blessed to be able to share my passion for yoga with my students and am deeply grateful for those who have touched and continue to inspire my life - my grandfather, my amazing teachers and students, and all my dear friends.
With a BA in Foreign Languages, I love studying different cultures and traditions, observing the ways of people, nature and life. I love spending my time outdoors as much as possible, trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, painting, reading and trying all sorts of fun, wild adventures.

Yoga is a journey with no end - ever expanding in possibilities, embracing our differences and creating alignment with something greater than ourselves.

May we all celebrate the greatness of life in every present moment and always honor the deepest desires of our hearts.



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